Anthillhacks 20.21

Being and Hacking in Devarayanadurganear Bangalore, Karnataka, India

The third major edition of Anthillhacks starts on December 30, 2020 and continues through January 2021 and hopefully longer. This time the idea of Anthillhacks is to encourage people to meet virtually and on site at Iruway Farm near Devarayanadurga and more importantly, in this COVID period, to do small projects, workshops and activities locally wherever participants live. The topics for these breakout, offline sessions will continue the work initiated online. The topics begin with crafts, rural people and the uses of technology. rururbanization and selfhoods, makers spaces, decentralized web and geneaologies of the open source concept. Our goal for this edition, as for all editions, is to be inclusive of diverse linguistic and literacy groups along with our long term commitment to incorporate diversity in other forms in thoughtful and challenging ways.

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